I'm Yours

Tie me up with rope
Let me feel every stroke
Make me feel all weak
Pleasure is really what i seek

I know you are scared
This has to be shared
Lets do it together
Make it last forever

Bring me to my knees
It will be you that succeeds
Leave me here for hours if you must
It is you that i trust

Open your mind freely
Let your eyes see clearly
Tonight i am all yours
i'll be one of your whor3s 


deadinsideout deadinsideout
31-35, F
5 Responses Aug 17, 2013

Wow, is that how you really feel? Is this your poem that you created? It's very nicely done.

That's beautiful!

thank u x

Great ideas - wish you were in Phoenix, AZ so we could share together!


Well if you want to be with a man full of passion message me and I'll rock your world!!!!!

Lol wow!well done hun,inbox me if you like;)