Dressing My Cousin

Many of us want someone to help us dress or were dressed by a sister or mother. Being a crossdresser I got the chance to dress my cousin as a girl. And now I know why mothers and sisters have fun doing this. Now my mother had been dressing me since I was 12 and now 16 I knew everything a girl needed to know about being a girl. People in my family knew that I dressed as a girl so no one was ever shocked if they saw me. My aunt and cousin came to visit us for a couple of weeks in the summer. My cousin tim is a kinda sissy wimpy type kid of 14. One day my mother and aunt went out and I was in my room that I shared with tim combing my hair. He walked andand asked how can you do this everyday and I told him it was easy. I asked if he would like to see how he looked as a girl, he said I don't know, what if my mom finds out. I told him they were gone for the day. I had him ***** and put on panties, hose,bra and a slip. I did his makeup and hair. Which just covered his ears. But with a curling iron he looked sweet. I then picked out this green paisley dress and a pair of 2 in pumps for him to wear. Some earrings, necklace, nail polish and a splash of perfume. And tina was born. He make the cutest 14 yr old girl around. He continued to pranace around and look in the mirror. As he turned and looked at the doorway there stood my mother and Aunt. They had forgotton somhing and came home to get it. Tim was  in a state of shock tried to take off the clothes but my aunt stopped him. She told him that your cousin went thru alot of trouble so you stay dressed. He was dressed the whole day and when it was time for bed my aunt asked if I had a nightgown tina could wear. I gave her my new pink babydoll I had never worn and she had tina out it on. Kissed us both good night and left. Tina was in her bed crying alittle aout what her mother might do to her. I got out of my bed and got int bed with her and held her. Telling her not to worry. As I held herI slowly reached down to her panties and started to fondle her and she stopped crying. After a few minutes she jerked and I turned her around and gave her a big kiss. She didn't pull away and I told her see being a girl can be fun. I then got a face cloth and towel cleaned her off, new panties and we went to sleep in each others arms.
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3 Responses Aug 24, 2011

Wonderful story. And, a very lucky cousin.

I have never shared dressing with anyone yet. I really want to meet a girl I can share this with in person

Have the 2 of you done anything else since. And how did his mother reactt he following day.

whenever him comes to visit we're like 2 sisters. She has since bought him clothes to wear at home.