Close Encounters...ssese Island Getaway

Close Encounters…Ssese Island Getaway

The boat pulls into the pier at 7:30am, just as the sun rises in the horizon of the beautiful ocean view. Mista and Joy are waiting excitedly to set sail to a beautiful island called Ssese for a weekend getaway at the Ssese Island Resort. Joy is familiar with the place and knows that this would be the perfect setting for her and Mista to cement the foundation of their love for each other. Mista had no idea of the pure natural beauty that awaited him there. Ssese Island in the middle of Lake Victoria, on the east coast of Africa in the country of Uganda and it was rich in beauty that was more extravagant than words could even explain.
At 8:00am sharp, the boat sets sail on a voyage that would be unforgettable and would again send their steamy close encounters to a new all-time level of passion in a scenery that could only add more flames to an already hot romance. As the boat sails closer to the island its natural beauty seems to unveil itself piece by piece, as the breathtaking white sand beach gives way to a backdrop of beautiful exotic trees. As the boat docks, the sounds of the islands wildlife becomes more and more echoed in the brisk morning air. Mista grabs the bags and follows closely behind Joy as she leads the way down the ramp and towards the main check-in cabin. She announces their arrival and gets the keys from the receptionist. The receptionist points them in the direction of a wooded area with a single path and tells them that their cottage is just on the other side of the tree line. As Mista and Joy walks in that direction, they are taken by the amazing scenery of the beautiful gardens with all of its trees and flowers. They stop to look at all the cottages along the way and become more and more interested in how theirs would look when they finally reached it. They come to a beautiful cottage sitting right on the beach with trees all around it. You could hear the birds singing and the waves from the ocean rolling into the beach that was just meters away. Joy looks at Mista for his approval, but finds him in full amazement at the romantic setting. He was completely silent as his eyes shifted from one site to the next. This is exactly the response she was hoping to get from him.
Joy leads the way up to the cottage and puts the key in and opens the door. She pushes the door open and steps in. When she does she is surprised to see that there were flowers and candles placed all over the cottage. She walks from the sitting room to the bedroom to see more candles and more flowers. And in the bathroom found candles, rose petals all over the floor, a bottle of wine on chill, and fresh cut fruit and whipped cream on a silver platter sitting at the edge of the bathtub. She runs back out to find Mista sitting with a sneaky grin on his face. She says, “you knew about this?” Mista looks at her and told her that once she had confirmed the location, he called back and talked with one of the planners and told her exactly what he wanted in the room and how he wanted set up and she was more than happy to oblige. I must say that she did a fantastic job in fulfilling my every request. Joy runs towards him and jumps up into his arms, gives him a long kiss and tells him that since the very first day they met, he had always found a way to somehow take her breath away. Mista looks in her eyes and tells her that since their first encounter that he knew that she was the one who he wanted to have in his life, for the rest of his life.
As they start to unpack some things as they prepared for their weekend rendezvous, Mista turns on the radio and tunes in to a local radio station. The song playing was a love ballad by a local favorite called Byonna Twala. When Joy hears it she begins to dance around erotically, teasing Mista by moving gyrating around right in front of him. Mista stops what he is doing, sits down and focuses all of his attention on her. She turns towards him and starts playing with the buttons on her blouse. Mista tells her to come to him and he would help her if she was having trouble. She takes a few steps towards him, but when Mista reaches for her, she takes a few back steps while biting on her lips. Mista smiles and says, “oh, you playing games with me?” Joy unbuttons her blouse and takes it off and throws it into Mista face. She turns towards the bedroom and as she gets to the door, she turns back towards him and says, “the real game is being played in here.” Mista gets up and follows her in the bedroom, taking off his shoes and shirt on the way. By the time Mista reaches the bedroom Joy is standing with her bra in her hand. Her breast are exposed and her nipples are erect. Her beautiful gold skin is glistening as she awaits in anticipation of her king to take her to a point of ecstasy. Mista walks up and grabs her around the waist and begins kissing her on the neck. She melts in his arms as his hands move slowly along her backside, from her shoulders down to her well-proportioned ***. He turns her around and starts kissing the back of her neck. His hands gripping her breast and then down to the button on her shorts. He unbuttons them and then unzips them and starts working them down off of her waist until they are on the floor around her feet. He then starts doing the same with her sexy panties. She steps out of them as she turns around and then she starts unbuckling the belt on his shorts. She unbuttons them and they fall to the floor. She starts working his boxers down his thighs and down to the floor. As she starts back up she grabs his **** in her hand and starts massaging it slowly with her hand. Mista closes his eyes as she uses her mouth to add a wet lubrication as she continues to massage it slowly. She could her Mista making a moaning sound as she pulled on the head of his **** and then as she thrust it deep into her mouth. Mista reaches down and puts his hands on the back of her head as she continued to suck and lick his tool nice and slow and at times she would concentrate on just the head, licking it like a lollipop. Her hands would come up and rub his chest and sometime she would use her nails to scratch him softly from his chest down to his stomach. Mista pulls her up to her feet and leads her to the bed and directs her to lay on her back. He grabs her by both of her ankles and he spreads her legs apart and lifts them into the air. He starts running his tongue from one ankle up to her thigh and across to the other thigh and back down to the other ankle. He start the same pattern back the other way, placing soft kissing along the way. He then pauses at her forbidden fortress and starts his journey in. He slowly penetrates the walls of her fortress, probing his tongue slowly through her now wet *****. Then he licks around her **** and back down to her walls. He sucks her **** and back to her walls. Joy rests her legs on his shoulder as she enjoys the precision work of this well-trained tongue as it unleashes its many talents on her soaking wet *****. She reaches down and grabs the back of Mista’s head and locks him in as she continues to enjoy his treatment of her pleasure spot. Mista looks up at her with her sweet juices dripping down his chin and Joy says , “come here and let me taste that .” Mista moves towards her and she starts kissing him and erotically licking his face. Mista lifts both of her legs and slowly enters her. She throws her head back and her eyes roll back in her head as she enjoys the feeling of his tool moving in and out of her wet *****. Mista whispers in her ear as he drives his **** in and out, up and down, and around in her wetness. Joy buries her fingers into his back as he thrusts deeper and deeper into her. Joy whispers in his ear, “can I ride my **** now?” With no hesitation Mista rolls onto his back and positions himself in preparation of his cowgirl to take the saddle. Joy stands over him and looks down and tells him, “are you ready for the ride cowboy?” Mista smiles in agreement as she lowers herself down onto his tool. She places her hands in his chest for balance and begins to ride him so hard bouncing her *** up and down slowly, rotating around on the head and then dropping down hard and back up to the head. Mista is enjoying every single moment of it. Then Joy turns around so that her *** is facing Mista and tells him that she wants him to have a nice view of her *** as she continues to ride him long and hard. Mista tells Joy to get on her knees so he can give her pleasure just the way she wants it. She smiles and eagerly agrees. She puts her face down, reaches back and spread open for him to enter in. Mista guides his tool right to the spot. He reaches down and grabs her by the waist and start driving his **** deep into her *****. She moans with every thrust of his tool into her dripping wet *****. He continues to thrust, she continues to moan. Thrusting…moaning…thrusting…moaning….thrusting…moaning, until finally they both reach their climax simultaneously. They both roll over breathing hard and staring at the ceiling and then at each other. Joy tells Mista, “we’re going to be on the beach were we will be all alone tonight.”

To be continues...
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May 13, 2012