I Thought I Was Not Beautiful Because I Could Not Found The Right Guy

   Guys are visual if you gained weight they treat you like you got a S.T.D, or if you butt is flat then they said I want a big booty girl like Buffie the body, I would love to have her booty but I make it up in chest. if you light skinned you is lucky, but if you are dark then it is a curse
    My ex told me the perfect women is a weed head , who is dark and have nappy head and gives oral sex that why I am not with him, he is nasty and he have ********** with nasty people, but when I got rid of my ex i focus on me, I lost weight, and I gained it back because I have fibermyalia but I lost 40 lbs and I finish college and I got my own candle business and home
To empower my self I love Kim and I dont need a man to make me complete, those days are over and I am living my life, and traveling and single again
kaycandles kaycandles
1 Response Aug 15, 2011

Egyptian men would find you irresistible and marry you.