Location and Behaviour

I have a koala as my avatar because it's Australian and so am I.

I used to enjoy climbing (not mountaineering, just trees) when I was younger.

I can totally relate to not having a lot of energy; koalas spend most of their time sleeping because their diet doesn't provide them with a lot of energy.

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That would be very soothing, having their purring sending you off to sleep.

c8lorraine<br />
Now that's a lot of cats on the bed!<br />
I had 13 once, but I wasn't allowed to have them on my bed.

I love cats and I now have 7.<br />
<br />
I have 5 of them on my bed at the moment....must be cold outside tonight.<br />
<br />
My cats are older....the youngest is 6 yrs old, and they don't have a lot of energy either

13??? That's a lot of extra mouths to feed. Cats are great company; when they're not taking pieces out of me with their claws :-)<br />
<br />
Even that can be a bit of fun, if they're not too serious about doing damage.

Mine is of course a cat. Have had cats all my life. At one stage had 13 because I took in a few strays who were pregnant and when the kittens arrived the numbers increased. The one I have at present was a stray and has turned into a large and lazy fellow. Just love them:>)

lol. It might be an idea. There are a lot of good koala pics available :-)<BR><BR>The Emu looks good too. Or is it an Ostrich? I should be able to tell the difference, but I haven't gone looking for what distinguishes the two.<BR><BR>Apparently an Emu has 3 toes, on each foot, whereas the Ostrich has 2. *tries to scroll down Burrimul's pic to see the toes*

maybe I should change my avatar to a koala...low energy because of diet...lol