..so i had to come up with wome type of picture. All of the pictures that EP offer were ugly and didn't fit me at all. my name is lostprophet-duh, so i googled "lost" pictures..nothing.."prophet" pictures..nothing..then lonely...and i found this picture! I couldn't turn back! I absoluely love it. It fit some of the moods i have..so it was a done deal.


lostprophet lostprophet
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hmm..i'm LOVIN that pic! <br />
And i know the feelin,hun!

I like your avatar too, mine is about me as I feel sometimes I am hanging on by my finger nails and somedays I feel like Im sliding off the cliff of life....I googled tattered wings and could not find a good pic

..a pit bull. <br />
<br />
i'm really not a cat fat

That's why I like cats! They are such low maintenance! Lol<br />
What kind of dog do you want?

I was watchin "it's me or the dog" last night, and this girl was a full time student and her bf worked..so when they got their puppy they'd leave it locked up 9hr of the day..alone..in their apt..and it tore up EVERYTHING. But like Victoria said, it's their fault, how can anything/body automatically know what to do when they've been left to do what they wanna do for so long. Then when they came home in the evening, he'd just be a big burst of energy. <br />
But yeah, i'm like gonna wait till i get my head str8..then i'll get my pup

That's actually wise of you. Get your life in order and be in a position, especially financially, to devote to a pet! They're a lifetime commitment, but so worth it! :)

no :(<br />
the last one I had was a dog..my dad did something with him after me and mom moved-we moved to a apt..so place to keep him. <br />
I want a puppy pit..but..i guess once I graduate..and get my life stable-THEN i can devote my time to him. Until then..lol i'll just dream!

Ya, he's helped a lot!<br />
But I've always had a cat in my life! Ever since I was a little girl.........<br />
Do you have any pets?

aww! <br />
<br />
well i'm glad you have somebody that's make the tough situation better (besides God)

Not so much shy, as he is a skitz!! LOL<br />
<br />
He only comes to me. The other two cats go to anybody, but Sampson is my baby!! <br />
<br />
My sister got him for me for my Birthday three years ago, ten days after my last beating!! <br />
He's been extremely cathartic for me! He really helped me heal.........that's why he's my guardian Angel! :)

Thanks hun!<br />
<br />
Sampson looks really shy...is he?

I like your avatar prophet, it's says a lot!! <br />
<br />
Mine is my precious Sampson!! He's my sweet guardian Angel sent straight from Heaven! :)

:) it's a sweet pictures. He looks like he's ready to dash after something he's got his eye on. ANd you look like you're enjoyin his company :) thanks for sharing that.

My avatar photo shot is of me and my best pal Leon. Leon is a Dogue de Bordeaux dog type of breed. I love him very much, i hope it show in this picture:)