Rumpelstiltskin Taint Rosebud Sucker Rod Mechanic

is this word association?

if it is it is about concentration meditation relaxation

sunshine perhaps a tequila sunrise (orange juice and tequila)

so there we are me and you - oh don't be vain

we know who you are red color, likes handbags, sells phone loads

some might say ? phone loads but you know who you are

Mahal with a Timex that's right Wristwatch Mommie Yollie

with a rubber ruler in her handbag - snap, slap whap

such the pain little charlie gets he's all shriveled tight like a puka

just then the smack on the right testicle, sure he is smaller than the left

the bastard vasectomy surgeon maybe there is a reason

let's get back to the RELAXATION as we are partners the story

Switches, do you like how i did that? now you are in the kneepads,

i have fed you 2 tequilas your are feeding me your lactose from your

granny tittie i open really wide and swallow the whole ***, i bite down

close at the chest wall you squirm and grab my neck tight - nuzzle me

Daddy chew that *** down close at the base BITE IT HARD...but keep

it on so we can use it tomorrow - - - i release the bite and suck it deep

like giving your *** a blow job the other one is grabbed tight by my hands

twisted like a dripping towel being wrung out Ohhh That Feeels Guud !!

You Gasp flashing between pleasure and pain slap you feel a solid blow

i say gruffly, " You are leaking, see that drop of Lactose do you think you

should waste it ?" You at one time would be fearful, but now are more

knowledgeable and say Daddy that drop is for you I didn't want you to have

to work hard for it - it anxiously await your stubbly mustache lipps - please

take its sweet moisture - you look parched having molested raw my other


SO BRAZENLY TO YOUR DADDY YOUR MASTER and so you were not surprized

to feel a loving slap across your face cheek - it won't be so loving across your

other cheeks - you are startled and your teeth rattle slightly but that is the price

of disobedience - Now you aren't even sure if Rumpelstiltskin will get what

he came for - You resort to being a Begging Bratty Brazen B-Gurl !!!

Master Daddy Toby will you please

when you are ready


? " Fix You ? " I say

Yeah you know the sucker rod mechanic

? ' oh really ? ' are you relaxed ?

No, i am a little tense, that face slap made my rosebud pucker tight -

I am sorry that i nearly wasted Your Precious Lactose - I know you have

spent hours of your valuable time coaching me on the wonders of human

liquids...and when you had me spread out the plastic tablecloth on the floor

i knew it would be a special day. You are right Dearest - Rumpelstiltskin

will take time to coach you, relax you, we have an investment don't we?

Your Taint your nasty taste of poo poo will be relaxed by oral molestation

of your perineum Gnarling that little ridge un-puckering your Rosebud that's

how i got that funny sounding name Rumpel Stilt Skin as in rumpels like

puckers hills and valley of your rosebud gathered tightly like a starfish grabbing

hold tight to never let go - and stilt like a pole or pillar which stands above or

away from you, so when you think of the piston working an engine up and down in

and out F R I C T I O N !!! Ah the sweet release of friction pressure burning

abrasion all without Lubes ! hahaha and skin hey who can't relate to skin

so sensitive so smooth let me just bite it, chew it, suck it, Smack it !! care to

shed a tear ? just one or two - we don't want anyone to think you are hurt do we?

and what about the Sucker Rod - like an Anteater in nature the machine used

to suck oil from the ground a sucker rod goes deep into the earth and retrieves

that Oil / elixer / Texas Tea / Black Gold and so, like the magic hole where oil

is found the arse, black honey hole, **** tube, chocolate love shaft, brown eyed willy,

pooter, bung hole are the place where Rumpelstiltskin is the Head Coach and

not just for the pink head of Charles / aka Charlie - - but a much bigger deal

is when you hear " Mahal, What time is it ? " oh, that's right, it is time for Timex !!

W R I S T W A T C H !!! One finger, two finger no sweat

Three finger better yet

Fourth finger - don't even think about it

Ta Dah - we are all gonna sing about it

and then it starts, in and out grinding all about like twisting a doorknob

and tickling the G - Spot

when you do me it ' s the Prostate

either way that's the spot when we sing out

Mommie / Daddy i am so hot !!! sizzling hot; smiling we lay there

in a lump

just like an ooze in a puddle

Yeah sure You are T H E M E C H A N I C

you fixed me - last year in August of 2011

i didn't even know i was broken

i was just looking for Vergie, Alex, Billy, willie - No

I was looking for a Fix that might leave me

in a puddle

am I weird ??

or did i really meet Rumpelstiltskin ?

Daddy come for me - daddy have me

daddy keep me - daddy wear me like a wristwatch

i promise i am relaxed ?? is it in ?

tuldok, written in LosAngeles dec 12, 2012

is this supposed to be the last day of the world

or just the first day of the rest of YOUR LIFE

the new life of: happy, smiling, stinging, singing, crying ? no tears dear just domestic discipline

are you a Troubled Lady ? Bastinado cures most all ills - are you ready to learn your lesson?

aerolanroots aerolanroots
51-55, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

You are the MECHANIC that FIX me and wants to FIX me TODAY, TOMORROW and The REST of MY LIFE...