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I Love To Take Advantage Of Her While She Sleeps

I love to lay next to my wife when she's sleeping and when I hear the regular, steady breathing that tells me she's deep in sleep, I wet my hand really good and begin to touch her *** and ***** ever so softly. I do it slow and delicate so she doesn't wake up right away. When she's completely wet and her own juices are flowing I'd gradually insert my fingers into her warm little box, trying out each and every digit and sometimes two at a time. Then I'd move back and begin to put pressure on her little ******* until it was so wet and she was so relaxed my finger would just slip right in to her ***. I'd start with the pinkie finger and gradually move up until I'm spreading her sweet little *** with two fingers.

Eventually she would wake up completely flustered and horny and that's when I'd slide over and swap fingers for the hard, throbbing **** that was patiently waiting for it's turn. At this point I want her to groggily begin moaning as I slide into her and work her ***** over and over. Then I want her to begin to softly beg me to **** her ***. She is so wet at this point and turned on, that I slide smoothly into her *** while spooning her from behind. She's clutching the covers in a mix of pain and pleasure as our rhythm increases and she begins to finger her **** vigorously. It doesn't take long for me to feel that wonderful feeling bursting fourth from deep within my hips, radiating down my legs and throughout my body as I loudly exclaim, "you're so ******* sexy!" This causes her to tip over the edge with her finger furiously working her ****. She **** in violent waves and her tight little ******* clutches and releases my **** milking it of every last drip of my warm juices. As we both relax I'd stay inside her and let my **** gradually go soft in her warm *** and we'd both fall back asleep happy and sated in each others arms!
feelinrandy feelinrandy 41-45 3 Responses Jan 12, 2012

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Oh yes,the ole... get her horny before she even knows how flipping sexy she is and how she makes you wanna......

Will have to send this one to my man :)

Your a lucky man, if I wake my wife once she is asleep it's pretty much a sure thing I'm not gettinng any! :(

Yes, I am lucky in that she normally is open and even likes being woke for sex. Actually I think part of her just loves to lye still and just enjoy the sensations without having to do anything but enjoy. There was a time however when this was about the only sex I was getting and I grew tired of having a somewhat non-engaged partner! Blessedly I can say with 100% conviction that that time has passed and now I have a "cougar" in the bedroom! With and without me!!!