Love To Give You A Baby

If you want to get pregnant and are in need of healthy, fertile *****, I'd love to share and make a baby. I've had success and found it fulfilling, so I'm willing to do it again.
gregff gregff
46-50, M
2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I've been able to help another couple who want a baby to grow their family. The man had had a vasectomy after a previous relationship, but they now wanted a child. It only took two tries and she is now one month along.

I have been reading your stories. You seem like a sincere young man who wants to help women who need some DNA to create a baby. That is the essence of being a man-spreading your seed. It is a need deep inside all of us. Keep up the good deeds man. I suspect a lot of women will have a lot of babies from you.

I'm doing my best. I do feel that it is one of our purposes in life, to create the next generation. And since I am blessed with great health, intelligence, and good looks, I feel it is my duty to help women in need to have their families.