Baby Make Me ***

I love the idea of having a baby. It actually makes me more horny to hear you whisper in my ear that you're ******* and that your going to *** deep in my *****. Shoot your seed deep in my **** and let it drip all over your pulsating ****. Keep ******* in me over and over. Don't stop till we get results. I want a baby and I want someone to help me. Who's willing and what would you do?
sexyprincess91 sexyprincess91
18-21, F
18 Responses Jan 16, 2013

it is easy

Sounds lovely... ;)

Absolutely. This is the only way to ****. Well said.

Assume position! Here I *** -)

Very willing to get balls deep inside your delicious ***** and pound you to a gushing ****** as I release my thick fertile seed into you until my balls are bone dry -)

Would totally *** inside you


So..... Did you ever get that baby made? Just looking for a follow up to the posting.

Wow!! If you want the real thing I'd be glad to help! I'm very potent healthy and I make some amazing kids!!

I would love to help!

i want a baby too

24yo breeder. Helped several couples and single women, get back to me if your interested ( in the northeast )

wanna pump all my ***** inside ur fertile sex and fill it with my seed...feel ur belly full of my ***, thinking u will get pregnant of my ***..whispering in ur ear while i feel my hue load of ***** ******* inside ur hot wet *****..make me *** inside u and impregnate ur sex bb...give me ur u want it love?

when i first started thinking about it i always dreamed of haveing a baby in me but i was sooooooooooooooooo not sure. then he keeps pounding me and teasing and making me *** more and keeps asking what i want i was screaming and begging for him to **** a baby into me :)

Very hot. I love when a woman begs me to shoot my seed deep in her to impregnate her. Makes me hotter and come more.

I'm interested in it all. I just want a baby. If it takes all night long or everyone of you I'm willing I just want to be filled with ***

Iv pumped out 2 sets of twins so far ;)

mmmmmm, love to tell you im just about to *** and fill your hot fertile ***** with all my fertile *****. xxx

hi , well im in the uk , if you wanted a bit of uk in you , I would tie you to the bed and just slide my pulsating hard **** deep inside your wet ***** and explode my *** deep inside you all night long or even all weekend long or however long it takes till you are pregnant .