Do Not Add Me For The Thrill Of It

I am not the most famous on EP but some people add me and do not get to know me first and sometimes you end up with people that you only see only once.  I do not want that, I want people with which I can have a "conversation" not just another avatar in my circle I do not need that.  Nevertheless, I have been bless with wonderful friends and I am grateful for that.  Just read my stories and see if my experiences are compatible with yours send me an email or comment on a story lets get to know each other. 
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5 Responses Sep 26, 2010

I have read your instructions and feel that you and I do share many feelings, thoughts and experiences. You may wish to read my stories (check my profile for them) and If you like them and want to talk, please add me; then we can email each other with comments.<br />
<br />

Per your instruction's I read up on you. I found a friend.

Maybe that is it - a Red Shoe Fetish - just watch out for the sparkles!! LOL!

Maybe they have a red shoe fetish ja ja ja

I completely agree - and sometimes I think I get added just because I am a female - hate that! (or some guys have some fantasy about Dorothy - LOL!)