ok so this is the real me for those that know me know im the guy who comes on here to make pple laugh cry mad or happy im pretty much a easy going dude but will snap at u with hesitation or thought but in the end i will apologise to u unless ur on my list im 25 and i lost the only person who really knows me if u dont know who it is dont bother asking me i am very passionate bout my music when i get the urge to write whats on my mind i will defend my turf my freinds my family cause most of my freinds on here are like family there are a few brite spots on this site ediez odium hurl college lilcup josheph 84 and bobfrost they are the reason i keep coming back and the urge for to stay here when i feel like giving up i know i go to ediez and she will always make me smile hulr will defend me when i need it lilcup will make me smile no mater what and bobfrost well hes here for sports and jojo hes my bother but the one that makes it ok for me to breath is odium shes a very speacial person on here but not everything is ok with me there are times where i feel if i died today would they know how could they they are so far away that question was answered for me when i was able to come back i learned who my real freinds are i have dealt with depression mainly from my sister death and the fact i have self esteem issues there are times when i came close to killing myself idk what else to say here except u either love me or hate me there are no in betweens
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thank u lilcup

yes i am

ediez i know i can come to u no matter what and ull make me happy


ur selcome hurl

Awwwwwww =]

thank u ediez u are a very brite ray of sunshine in my dark and clouded world

no in betweens i like that