Let Me

Wandering alone, but not necessarily lost – just avoiding. Not desperate to find the way out, or even to rest. Sometimes, it does feel exhausting, but it is always easier to keep going than to begin again, after having stopped… resisting. When the path veers upward, when I meet a temptation that is especially difficult to resist… there is only one thing that has that effect on me – lust. I do not feel lust easily, despite how it may seem – I can make you think I do and that is always a fun game to play. But, it does not affect me. What does… desire so intense, I can smell it coming off you in waves. It locks me in and wouldn’t be able to turn away, even if I wanted to. That burning in your eyes, barely contained – I can feel the heat from here. Your gaze holds me pinned in place as surely as if your body was covering mine. If I have my way, and I rarely do not, that is exactly where this is headed.

I would simply surrender, everything, and pull you close to me. I would touch your face and kiss you and hold you closer still. I would love you, completely and utterly – only you – but only for that time. Reality always awaits and it cannot be denied. But, I have found it can be postponed – if you want it enough – if you are willing to make the sacrifice. It may catch up to us in the end, no matter what, but at least we had that time. And, because that is so, we should make the most of it while we can. Come to me, let all the pretenses fall away. Give in. Let me feel your heart beating and your breath on my cheek. Let me taste you – let me have you. And I always promise to let go when you ask me to.
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May 14, 2012