The Pleasure And The Pain

It is so hard to look at you, knowing I can’t touch you. I love when you smile at me, the way it lights your entire face… and the curve of your lips. I imagine tasting them, feeling them softly moving against mine. I simply can’t not look… I want to run my fingers over your brow, across your cheek, my thumb stroking your lips, watching you lick your lips, wanting me… just one small movement closer to me and I am in your arms. I love how you kiss me, so tenderly at first, then more passionately until the world just melts away. There is nothing left but us, the feel of your skin, the taste of your mouth, the pounding of our hearts growing more urgent with every passing breath. This is what consumes my every waking moment. Desire, razor sharp and utterly divine. When I crawl into bed each night, your absence is a scathing pain that aches in my chest. In the night, I wake so many times, always hoping to find you there, and always devastated when you are not… There are some agonies I would suffer forever… wanting you. There are few pleasures worthy of such agony… having you.
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1 Response May 19, 2012

I see you with love in your eyes, and a wistful but happy look on your face, opening your mouth to accept a slice of fresh peach.<br />
<br />
Funny how receiving a wonderful gift often enables one to give a great gift, as well. I'd better cut it out with the imagined scenes or that will be the rest of the morning. ;) I really enjoyed your writing, once again.