Serves Me Right But It Was Worth It??

After years of trying to persuade my wife to have a full body massage with a male masseur I finally managed to convince her that it would be good for our marriage. The massage started off in a perfectly professional and innocent manner but eventually the masseur gets a little more adventurous. Her back and buttocks done she now turns over and the masseur sensually goes about his trade with great expertise. Her breasts are now massaged and her nipples fully erect as he moves down to her lower body. He gently prises her legs a little wider and moves to massage her inner thighs. Teasingly he briefly feathers the outer lips of her yoni, as if by accident, just to ‘test the waters’. No complaints, in fact after a few fleeting feather strokes she could be heard to groan very faintly with each pass; eventually spreading her legs even wider and lifting her yoni in expectation of more. Her lips now moist and glistening, he knows she is enjoying every stroke and that he is in control. He now purposely strokes her inner thighs all the way up to her now dripping yoni where his fingers enter her just enough to expose her swollen and pulsing clitoris. As he fleetingly strokes her clitoris she is now groaning unashamedly and can not resist touching the bulge in his white track shorts. He temporarily took his hands off her body and slipped off his T shirt and shorts and in a flash was naked. His erection was so hard and upright it looked menacing. She estimated it was at the very least 8 ½ inches and the apprehension of how such big solid throbbing muscle might feel like inside her was obvious. Her fear and guilt seemed to melt as she knew he was in complete control and she could not resist his will. This was my fantasy that she reluctantly agreed to so I was waiting for her to look to me for approval, as per our agreement when we planned the fantasy. However when she did eventually look me in the eyes it was as if she looked right through me and I knew that I had absolutely no control of the situation or in what was about to happen……………… I also new this was her way of punishing me for cajoling her for years into realising my fantasy.

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2 Responses Sep 1, 2011

I liked; to bad you did not enjoy it. Can you tell the rest of the story?

Where did you get this masseur? Want my wife to have the same experience too.