It's never like how they portray it in the movies. No one has secretly lusted for me. I just want to know what that feels like.
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Maybe tomorrow is the day he tells you...?

Doubt it. He doesn't see me that way.

Not just him, but the secret admirer you have coyly smiling at you everyday.

Such person doesn't exists

Never know. As so many have pointed out, it is a secret, until they work up enough nerve to say something.

I'm never seen as the "pretty girl ".

Don't sell yourself short (sorry wasn't meant as a pun). There really is someone for everyone. It's really not easy for "nice" guys to just walk up and say "I like you"

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:) The ones that secretly crush really are too shy to say so (I've been too shy waayy too many times)


Well what do you want give me your inner secrets