When ...

It's what I dream about.  You having your way with me.  

I close my eyes at night and I'm all yours.  I can feel and taste you, you are so close to me.  

Just say when.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
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36 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Mmm, right now, open yourself to me...

Womanbliss... I love it when you are so sexy in a quiet way, when your eyes don't need to be open to see, when words not need to be spoken to convey and understand your and what you feel. Our bodies communicate so deeply by smells, sound, touch and feelings, that I just close my eyes and enjoy the whole experience of you.

thanks ... I'll keep up the good work!

hot and steamy is a good way to feel sendittome ... glad the story did its job!!

thanks niceguy ... just dreams at the moment unfortunately ...

i like the way you dream


very good snookybear ... shout a bit louder!!

I want my wife to know I'm saying this.

thanks coyote ... let's hope it gets the message across anyhow!!

good roj ... I didn't think they were sad sighs at all ... I just assumed that you perhaps needed to tell her!! anyhow, she's been on and now she knows ... and she looks quite happy to join in !!

I like the idea of WG having her way with me... they were hopeful sighs - not sighs of resignation!

Hi wg ... that's the big question! <br />
Yes uftc ... keeping the man happy is the kind of job where I don't mind doing overtime!


haha ... thanks uftc ... I don't expect there's much I could teach you dear!!

why sighs roj ... ? send wg over here if she needs a hint!!

... sighs...

ok .. I'll get my crayons out then ...

That would be good, yes please!!! Do make it graphic wont you hee hee

you need me to draw a diagram Brittommy? haha

Just how do you wake us guys then??

oh I know michelle ... hehe

haha ... Brittommy - it's up to us girls to wake them up!!

And then they roll over and go to sleep!!

lucky girl michelle!!

yes sylph ... they are hard to work out sometimes. <br />
I'm also smiling michelle!!

Typical men.........they don't get what we say when we don't say it or when we do say it....<br />
*Sylph sighs again*

he obviously got scared sylph ... he didn't think I'd take him seriously!!

*Sylph hugs Bliss* ........just teasing...... *Sylph is just smiling now...big smile*

don't laugh at true love sylph ... it's not funny (** waiting to see if TH is coming back for more**)

*Sylph is laughing so much at Toe and Bliss*

haha toehoorder ... I didn't know you felt like this about me either!! Where have you been all my life?

WiB sighs too ...

*Sylph sighs and sighs*..........and sighs more...

haha ... yes sylph ... that's the big question ...

Hmm...<br />
<br />
When.<br />
<br />