As She Sits

I know, I have not been exactly where she is at, but...I know!

She lists the things needed to be done so things around her and the apparent tubes and wires and un-responsiveness nags and aches and tells her oh so human head how bad things are.

It Screams in her head!  "Help, I can't do anything Help!"

Her husband, her beloved, lays there fighting for his life no less than that of a soldier in Iraq, or Vietnam, or WWII, He Fights.  But he isn't awake, he has no weapons,  all he has to fight the good fight with is his FAITH, in GOD, his Wife and the doctors. 

I ask ...because Mamapolos: concerns and worries overwhelm, the fear can be consuming, the pain of sitting/ not knowing/ futility they take the place of prayer.  She can't pray constantly.  She will, I bet, forget or postpone eating.

Now in reality, so often she has popped in and scolded me for a negative thought or emotion I have had.  Encouraged me, as I KNOW she has FOR SO VERY MANY.  It is the gift she has freely shared with us here.  



More over, that is the way we do it here at EP.  We circle the wagons, hold virtual hands, and wait.  This is our waiting room.  We are here for both of them.  I Pray.

I ask you to as well.

It is the weapon We here at EP have to battle the disease.  We are not the surgeons, we are not the nurses/family real friends there to hold hands. 

Praying is one way for us to battle this disease for her, for him, for any who struggle against this heinous disease!  Mostly, we are one of their Lifelines, to GOD and HIS infinite Kindness and healing.



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4 Responses Oct 17, 2008

Rejoicing, tonight, as Mamas Husband looks and told her the one thing w would all want to hear...<br />
"I Love You."<br />
I imagine there was no better words heard on earth.<br />
He is recovering, GOD is Faithful. HE walks tonight, still carrying her husband, but now her husband can hold his head himself. I am sure the LORD is smiling.<br />
I will continue to pray, till Mamas honey is home. Till, she can walk away, without fear. Till Her Husband, Light of her daily life, walks next to her. So...Keep praying . And thankyou for everyone who already has!

Thank YOU HS. For starting this wonderful group. AShe and He so deserve and need our prayers, thoughts, support,..I don't think we should send food for them through the internet...but back in the day..(LOL) we would have done that in the real world. so she could take care of both without worrying about food.<br />
<br />
So I guess the next best thing is to keep them in prayer. Watch and listen for the sounds of her padding her way back to EP, because everything is ok.<br />
<br />
Thanks WM. I know you will.

What a wonderful story....<br />
Thanks for sharing...<br />

She's in my prayers.