I Dont Want To Be Held

Instead I want to hold someone else I want to make someone feel good about their self and feel loved.I dont really like being loved on and held but for me i feel most loved and accepted when someone allows me to love on them.Im the type of person that will make a deal with someone like i will massage their back feet and head then i will allow them to do my back but after i massage them i make up an excuse to let them get out of it like i say ok im to tired or hyper to sit still lets go do something else.Im also the type of person that will rub someones feet until my finger tips bleed then still try to do it again as soon as my fingers stop bleeding.I guess for me i need to be able to love on someone without the favor being returned with touch they could cook dinner write a letter or do little things to show they love me but i just dont like to be touched alot unless its hugs and cuddleing those i do alot
gloriajean238509 gloriajean238509
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2010