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Hi, ya'll! My name is Kari and I'm 19. I have brown eyes and dark brown wavy hair that reaches a little below the middle of my back. I'm 5'5'' and weigh 145. I'm 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 Black Dutch, 1/4 Cherokee Indian, and 1/4 Irish. I'm going to be starting college this fall. I'm going for RN and Master's Digree. I'm a total book nerd and movie lover. I'm a rock girl all the way but you can throw a little country and techno in there depending on who the artist is. Music is like my anti-drug, I have absolutely no clue what I would do without it. Probably go crazy which isn't really all that different from any other day. My life centers around my family and friends, I couldnt imagine moving away and not seeing them on a regular basis. I'm fiercely protective of the poeple I love and hate for anyone to be treated differently for any reason. I love animals but horses most of all. I wish I lived somewhere that I could have some. I dont really have a fashion. I just wear what I want, when I want and I dont care what poeple think. I'm headstrong and stubborn, while loyal and caring at the same time. I dont like to be told what to do but also hate breaking the rules. So I guess you can say I have a conflicted personality. I have three sisters: Tami Lyn, Nikki and Manda. I have four nieces and one nephew: Kaylee, Bobbie, Audrea, Emmily, and Bryce. I have a best friend named Emily that I love like a sister but sometimes I just want to knock her out which I know for a fact is a mutual feeling. I have eight dogs, one cat (soon to more since we have kittens on the way!!!), and two demon possessed birds.
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'Sup Kari. Welcome. Sounds like you've got a lot of nice things cooking. Except for the country and techno music. I mean come on, seriously ;) Are you sure you are to be credited as being a rock girl? ;) I listen mostly to rock, but everything really. Except for church music, some horrible kind of pop we have here in Denmark called "dansk top", death metal and TECHNO and COUNTRY. On the other hand, I'm with you on the "dont like to be told what to do but also hate breaking the rules" mentality.<br />
<br />
Right now I'm listening to Nightwish, which is an awesome symphonic metal band from Finland. Enjoy your stay on EP. Maybe I'll talk to you later.