My Name Is Marleen

Hello I'm a Marleen, born August 31 in 1983. I live in Belgium, also born in Belgium and my real language is Dutch. I forgot how I got here, but I guess my curiosity has brought me here, because I'm always curious about other people their point of views and insights that people gained through their experiences.
I'm graduated as a graphic designer and I currently work for at least two years in a printroom all by myself, making copies and prints, binding coursebooks, I make copies in all kinds of different sizes and on different paper. It is a fun job. Occasionally I get the opportunity to design a brochure or invitation letter or poster, which is cool. I keep on using my graphic designing skills as a hobby, too, especially making experiments with Photoshop is a lottttt of fun!
All my life I'm also into art. I have been making drawings since I could hold a crayon. For the last few years I only make a few small scetches when I make daytrips to animal gardens (and then I become more interesting then the animal that I'm drawing. Ha!) I have many hobbies, maybe a bit too many hobbies, drawing, graphic designing, knitting, sewing, painting and decorating boxes, making masks with paper maché, making christmass decorations (christmas balls for the christmas tree! yay!), writing, making beaded jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings), that's about it I guess LOL
i just wish I had more time to finish all my creative projects! There are still boxes to finish decorating, scarfs to finish knitting, a big blanket to finish knitting and sewing and a poncho to finish, etc.. LOL Well, I don't easy get bored for sure! :D
I love to listen to people, not only because I'm curious about their point of views and how the way other people can experience the same thing in a different way then I do. it is simply fascinating. I think PEOPLE are fascinating creatures! :D
I also love to listen to people because I know everyone is always in need to be heard and to receive advice and insights about..anything.
I'm a very calm person, most of the time quiet, but I become a waterfall once I feel 'safe' with someone (I mean once I feel like I can trust someone). i have a big problem though trusting strangers. I don't easily meet with anyone who I know by the internet, and that's when those people are male. I think most women are being very cautious about that..
I am a cat woman. Always been. I don't think that will ever change :D I just can't live without cats! I like Siamese cats the most of all because they have a language of their own, they are smarter then other cats, they guard the house like dogs do, except they will miauw not bark when they hear a strange sound or see something strange LOOOOOL
I love animals, I love to make funny faces, love to sing and dance (I don't even care that much if it's 'good', I'm just having fun), I love to listen to all kinds of music. At number one it's Shakira, at number two I don't know; Too many to name up! I can enjoy hard rock music like Nirvana as much as I can enjoy sweet violin music (only on a different way, Nirvana is headbanging and violinmusic is meditating LOL LOL) I love rock, dance, classic, tango, salsa, ballads, pop,...
I also love belly dancing, but I still have a lot to learn about it. This hobby does help a lot to lose weight since my passion for the music of Shakira has grown immensely. :)
In the past I have been a very shy person as a child who didn't have any self esteem. According to my friends that has changed a lot. I have gained much more self esteem then I did when I was a young teenager. I still sometimes need to learn to love myself, but I think everyone needs to learn that once in a while..
I am currently writing my first book wich I will call the same as my username Angelic Lights, that's if an English version of it will ever be published of course. I hope I cna use the same picture as I used here on my profile, maybe as a cover for my book. I will not ever let anyone else design my book because I would like to design it myself. Wat will I write in it? My own insights that have inspired some people here, including my God-dreams and angel-dreams. It's not even important if you believe in God and angels or not, you can read those dreams as bed time stories then instead. They are really wonderful to read (according to my friends.. and according to me of course too). I hope i can get my book published one day. It is my biggest goal and biggest dream that would come true. It does seem to take forever until it's finished, but it is worth the time!
I could write SO much more about me, but I don't know what you would like to know.. So.. If you have any further questions you would like to know about me, just ask ;-)

take care xxx
Marleen aka AngelicLights
AngelicLights AngelicLights
31-35, F
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LOL @ anti3tastic

I am about to share a true life experience that happened to me more than Ten Years ago. I was born into a family that could afford me luxury and comfort; I was privileged to attend one of the best schools in my country. Life for me was exciting and at its peak. I never really cared about religion because as far as I was concerned, it was for the ignorant and the misfits of the society. This all changed with an experience I had, it all happened in October 1999, when I was travelling from my home to another city , like I earlier said I came from a family that could provide me with luxury, so I travelled with my Father who was a top government official in his official car with his aide. We arrived at our destination in about Three hours. Upon arrival I felt a little uneasy and I had a prompting within me that I must return back from where I was coming from immediately. I told my father who naturally would have refused but surprisingly he obliged to my going back. The aide was told to take me back <br />
Two days after my arrival while waiting for my Father’s return I heard the most shocking news ever that my father was involved in a ghastly motor Accident which claimed lives. I found this hard to believe but it was true. I went to the hospital and saw him half dead. At this point I completely overwhelmed as I felt Gods love and mercy upon my soul, I then realized that if I had stayed I could have died in the Accident. I was crying because I wondered why God would show undeserved mercy to me who never gave him audience in my life. It was at this moment I saw the guilt of my sin: my fornication, telling lies, stealing, Fighting, using abusive words, anger, hatred, bitterness, malice, jealousy, greed and all my sinful indulgence etc. <br />
I know God hates these things because it is at variance with his word. I then asked him for forgiveness and Promised him that I would never do those things he Dislikes, If despite all my ills towards him he still showed love to me, I received His Son Jesus as my Lord and Personal savior, as the person that paid the price for my sin by coming in a human form more than 2,000 yrs ago to die for our sins so as to reconcile sinful man to a loving God. It’s now more than Ten years and God has Given me the Grace not to go back to my sins and evil acts, It’s a miracle that I can’t explain, that I can do without Fornication , engaging in sinful indulgences etc. I can now say that I am truly a child of God. I now know peace that I can’t explain, my life is filled with God’s love and Joy. I am so Grateful to God and His Son Jesus for the Brand new Life I have received. I believe that Jesus is Lord and that he has prepared a place of Glory for his people. I believe that when he comes to take his own I would be with him in Glory. I really Love God because he Sent his Son Jesus to Die for my Sins, I am Proud of Him. I owe my Life entirely to him. <br />
I also love you dear reader , and I pray that you would also experience what i experienced, but the choice is yours , why not give him a chance in your life, why not let him in, and you would experience this peace , love and joy that this world can’t give. First start by confessing your sins, Then accept Jesus as lord and Personal Savior, and promise him you won’t go back to your sinful ways, don’t worry if you are sincere He would give you the grace not to go back to sinful indulgence. All this is done by closing your eyes and saying a few prayers then you would experience what I am talking about. I love you because the love of God Flows from my heart to you. Thank you and God bless you.