Wow! Really? I Can Just Start Talking About Myself?

Now I know that my EP name may generate some reactions from the reader, and i'll get to what that's all about. But i'll start by saying that i'm 42 years of age, white, graduated high school in 1986, and am a hardcore "Deadhead". For those of you unfamiliar with the band called the Grateful Dead, use your search engine and check them out. Then go to, look into the "Live Music Archive" and click on the Grateful Dead and listen to a show. The ones that I saw took place from 1987-1993/94. And hardly a day goes by that i don't listen to a set of their music.
That right there says a lot about me. In fact, i found EP while searching for forums in which i could talk to other Heads about the "glory days" that are, all of a sudden, a seemingly long time ago. But that part of me didn't develop until my Senior year of high school and the start of college. And a lot happened prior to that which influenced the makeup of the person who writes to you today.
I was always kind of a wild child. But it seems like all of us were in the 70's. This was before kids were watched like hawks, Megan's Law, and the like. We ran free until dark, and were pretty much allowed to do as we please. I attribute this to the high divorce rate among our parents. And the subsequent sense of guilt they developed, that many carry with them to this day. I joke that "my parent's might as well have given me a Credit card as a teen". My point being, we were allowed to explore. And genuinely have fun. And basically, i never have stopped being a kid. The Peter Pan syndrome and all that. And I mean it when I say "I won't grow up".
Two activities stand out in my mind from my youth and education that make me who i am today: The theater, acting and such. I was a semiprofessional child actor by the age of 12. I performed in dinner theater, a youth cabaret group, school plays of course, and was even on TV. The cabaret group had it's own children's oriented cable show, and heck iwas even in a McDonald's commercial. Now that brings us into High School. And continues the theme of living life unsupervised and free. Theater kids always had an excuse to be out of class, rehearsals, performances, etc. One of my friends from that time went on to be a two-time Tony Award winner on Broadway.
The other activity was public speaking and debate. Which i excelled at. This gave me two attributes that proved extremely useful over the years: The ability to analyze, break down and comprehensively tackle just about any topic, even if i knew nothing about it. Which sort of leads to the next quality, my ability to BS if need be.
It's getting late, so i'm going to try and sum up childhood and come back later. It was naive of me to think i might do this in one sitting.
1. Theater led me to the more liberal and unconventional of peer groups through high school and college. It also got me into shop work building scenery.
2. Hanging the lighting and building the scenery (the sets) developed my skills as a carpenter and painter.
3. It also got me into being a "roadie in a rock and roll band " when i was 19. And then i hit Dead Tour.

I'll pick up the story there when I come back. Hope you are enjoying my little introduction, I plan on going through and reading some of yours before i retire this evening.
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Impressive story. Wow...i am waiting for more. I hope life is good and you are enjoying every moment of it. have a great week ahead.