Hi my name's Minari. I live in Indonesia. Im about to be nineteen. I hav a learning disability...I'm starting uni this year and since im goin to uni my family's forcing me to learn to ride a motorcycle ..(which i can do but not on the road coz i'm to scared...huhuhu people here would just cut my way...)so i can go to uni bymyself..I cant drive a car...and there's no public transportation that goes near my uni...so i get dropped off by motorcycle or car...I'm so pathetic arent i...Haiz...I LOVE reading thick novels (romance, mystery, adventure n more) n comics, Swimming n all sorts of sports that makes me sweat (so I can lose weight), I LOVE dancing n listening to music n I cant sing at all. My moods changes easily but I dont get  upset or sad easily. Nice meeting u all! bye
Narisato Narisato
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2010