Hello :)

My name is Venetia Elias.
I'm 20 years old and I'm currently taking GED class because I dropped out of high school in 08. I really hope I pass the test.
I love to watch movies, answer questions, ask questions, draw (try to) hmmm. I listen to music (who doesn't?) The music I generally like is music I can understand, and music that makes me laugh or smile.
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Pleased to meet you, Venetia. Smart thing to try and pass GED and I hope it will work out just fine...

Elias: One of the biggest families in Lebanon... mainly because St. Elias lived here centuries ago :D

find more information about your lebanese roots here:

Girl you are Lebanese and you have the right to get the lebanese nationality

As for your music style, you should try Josh Groban :P or maybe Armin

Thank you Eila!

I like to doodle for the most part. I used to like to draw like, abstract things. I love horror movies and comedies and all sorts of things. Can't really think of one I REALLY like more than others. :P

It's nice to go at things at a pace you're comfortable with and it's clear you're determined to make some things happen for yourself and I think you'll be okay, but I wish you luck anyway with the test. :)

What movie really plucks at your heartstrings? And what kinda things do you like to draw? Thanks for sharing.