I'm a woman. I'm 27.
I have no kids. I like to be alone, but not the feeling to be alone when involved in a relationship.
I lost my mother. I'm looking for my father. I have no real family. I'm a free ion. I don't trust easily.
The more important to me is honesty and kindness. I value friendship a lot. With me it's often all or nothing.

I have a real addiction to music. I sing.
I'm a writer. I write more right-handed. I draw left-handed.
I love science, nature, cinema, reading.
I daydream too often, mostly as a result of being deprived of all I need.
I'm a goofy skater. I have the balance of an elephant.
My favorite colors are green and blue.
I love plushes. I eat too much fries.
I could lose 5kg.
I love Fox Mulder.
I don't smoke.

I hate blood pudding. I hate even more hypocrisy. I fear violence.
When I feel something strong I tend to shut off.
I have doubts about nearly everything.
I constantly have images in mind. When I do something I can ignore them, but at night that gives me insomnias.
I think too much and don't act enough. But when I say something, I do it.

I used to act for some years.
I did languages highschool, and communication at the UNI.
I don't like needles very much. I tolerate them when necessary.
I like to dye my hair red.
I could have a good cry without it does wrong to me. I just have to convince myself.
I was once betrayed by a friend I liked very much.
I have had 26 animals in all my life, 14 mice, 2 hamsters, 2 seapigs, one rabbit, one dog, and 6 cats.
I don't ask for help, and it happened it turned bad sometimes. Same I love hugs, but I look to cold to give the impression I love them.
I drink lots of tea.
I watch the sky and hope.

When I'm grown up, i want to be able to love, and believe in love, which I don't, for now at least.
I hope my father is alive. I think about him everyday.

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1 Response Feb 25, 2008

Wow! You have great insight of yourself & how brave it was to post it. Thanks for sharing.