Well ..hello There ...

*walks out on ep stage*

"hi..hello *waving* hi there...."

*crowd goes wild*  clap clap clap scream clap clap!

"thank you thank you!!! your to kind!!"

*crowd goes wilder*  *random ep fan screams*  I LOVE YOU BLACKMAGICWOMAN!!

"(smile) *points at crowd* i love you to random ep citizen!!"

"My name is blackmagicwoman...but you can call me magic! im fun loving, like to smile, found this place by chance...liked it, so i decided to stay. if you get to know me i will be your best friend. if you dont like me well....................................shock horror why not!!?? *giggle*
i like writing silly stories on here, and laughing with my friends.
thats me in a nutshell... so in the immortal words of the king of rock 'n roll...."thank you..thank you..thank you very much!!"

*magic has left the building*

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12 Responses Oct 20, 2011

Magic, your intro was pointed at me. I want u to work some of your magic on my wand. Make a friend and i will take u to a magically hot quivering destination. I luv stories about getting magic out of my hard wand

Cute. You should take a bow for such a lovely walk on performance.

Black magic woman was a Fleetwood Mac tune tune that Santana made alittle money from. Played it a few times myself in a past life.<br />
I don't recall Elvis doing it.

as the crowd scream <br />
and Magic ( who i like to call BMW) <br />
comes out on the stage and takes a bow<br />
as the crowd GOES WILD

Bunny jumps up and down and screams hysterically....I LOVE U MAGIC!!!!....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

*Standing ovation, claps enthusiastically and then turns away from Joey and seductively flashes her boobies to Magic and Edz.* Oops sorry Joey, but desperation gets you nowhere.

Oh, ho, ho<br />
It's magic, you know<br />
Never believe it's not so<br />
It's magic, you know<br />
Never believe, it's not so<br />
<br />
That was just so BMW of you! ;)

lmao Joey<br />
<br />
*flashes Magic*

Ive seen her boobies. But then again, im special =P

Ooooh this needs popcorn :D

lol mwah!

woooot!!!!!!!! *standing ovation;throws roses at you*