Well ..hello There ...

*walks out on ep stage*

"hi..hello *waving* hi there...."

*crowd goes wild*  clap clap clap scream clap clap!

"thank you thank you!!! your to kind!!"

*crowd goes wilder*  *random ep fan screams*  I LOVE YOU BLACKMAGICWOMAN!!

"(smile) *points at crowd* i love you to random ep citizen!!"

"My name is blackmagicwoman...but you can call me magic! im fun loving, like to smile, found this place by chance...liked it, so i decided to stay. if you get to know me i will be your best friend. if you dont like me well....................................shock horror why not!!?? *giggle*
i like writing silly stories on here, and laughing with my friends.
thats me in a nutshell... so in the immortal words of the king of rock 'n roll...."thank you..thank you..thank you very much!!"

*magic has left the building*

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Bravissimo!!! Can't wait for your next performance.

Magic, your intro was pointed at me. I want u to work some of your magic on my wand. Make a friend and i will take u to a magically hot quivering destination. I luv stories about getting magic out of my hard wand

Straight to the point. Thank you!

Cute. You should take a bow for such a lovely walk on performance.

Black magic woman was a Fleetwood Mac tune tune that Santana made alittle money from. Played it a few times myself in a past life.

I don't recall Elvis doing it.

as the crowd scream


and Magic ( who i like to call BMW)

comes out on the stage and takes a bow

as the crowd GOES WILD

Bunny jumps up and down and screams hysterically....I LOVE U MAGIC!!!!....AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

*Standing ovation, claps enthusiastically and then turns away from Joey and seductively flashes her boobies to Magic and Edz.* Oops sorry Joey, but desperation gets you nowhere.

Oh, ho, ho

It's magic, you know

Never believe it's not so

It's magic, you know

Never believe, it's not so

That was just so BMW of you! ;)

lmao Joey

*flashes Magic*

Ive seen her boobies. But then again, im special =P

Ooooh this needs popcorn :D

lol mwah!

woooot!!!!!!!! *standing ovation;throws roses at you*

(adoring fan claps mightily) bravo, blackmagicwoman, bravo!! (wipes tear from eye, then eats two day old doughnut) (too much info?) :)