Introducing Me 47

Here are random facts about me.

I like to be hugged.
I like to spend one-on-one time with someone who is special to me.
I like leisurely visits with friends and loved ones.
I feel loved when people do things to help me.
I feel loved when someone that is special to me puts their arm around me.
I like to go places with friends and loved ones.
I like to hold hands or high five (or low five) with someone who is special to me.
I feel loved when people talk nicely to me.
I like to sit close to people I enjoy being around.
I feel connected to people and valued when we hug.
I feel close when I am talking to or doing something with my friends and loved ones.
I feel close to friends and loved ones when they touch me with friendly gestures.
I like it when people listen to me and show a genuine interest in what I am saying.
I feel loved when friends and loved ones help me out with jobs, chores and projects.
I feel loved when people take the time to understand my feelings.
I feel safe and secure when friends hug me.

I don't feel loved from money spent on me.
I don't feel safe when people pick fights with me.
I don't feel comfortable when people stare at me just cause we are chatting. It makes me wonder if I have a boogie in my nose.
I don't always look people in the eye when we chat.
I don't always like to hang out with others even though I am a people person. I sometimes need to be by myself but never feel alone though when that happens.
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Hmmm very similar to me. The best part is you feeling loved when people talk nicely to you. I also is very important to me. Some people just dont understand the value of speaking nicely to others. Shame really.




once a lady tried to hugged ,me as a shy person I bent down.<br />
Once in a restaurant serving pretty but fatty girl asked me to kiss her ,I ran away .<br />
Once a Scottish girl bought me on a street stall apple,she like my Scottish cap.<br />
In a dancing place ,a lady asked me for a dance, I ran away to wash room.<br />
once a lady asked me for outing , I pretended i do not know english.<br />
once my working mate girl asked me go for a drink,I did not went on work for three days.<br />
once a lady asked me for dancing i ran away from that place,<br />
once in west end dancing place a woman asked me she likes if i spend a night with her, in her apartment, i ran away never get again might she force me again.<br />
So I came to this fact when you reject world that run after you. shadow follow you,but when you try to hold it its turn its face.

what a nice person you are full of love and hugs.:-)

:) awwwwwwwww thanks hug hug

Well, if you start hugging the ones you feel like hugging, I'm sure they'll love to hug you back. So, many hugs from me!

awwwwwwwwww thanks. hug, hug! :)

But silk and glass and sand and steel and velvet too, are these your variables? Care to explain them as you see them? Hugs.

i was sexually and physically abused every day for 7 months with no way to escape and threatened with death repeatedly. silk glass and steel velvet describe my personality, fragility and ordeal. i used to be shattered1nnocence because of how i was born. but changed it to show people my inner strength alongside my fragile survival of the ordeal. a survival i fight to keep alive mentally every day. especially considering i never even had my first kiss or any romantic experience of a willing nature before then off the internet.

silk glass and steel velvet

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Nice piece of desc<x>ription here. Well done.

:) thanks, have a good day.

I love hugging too. But I am pretty sure you will not like me because I hug to feel the heartbeat of my partner.

no problem, hugging to me is a way to personally connect with someone. :)

The major barrier is that I reside outside the US. I live in far away Europe.

we have a lot in common

:) isn't it nice to meet your heart in another?

We are almost alike;)

neato! add me if you want. it's nice to meet you. :)