Introducing Me 52

If a girl friend or a male friend came over and just broke up with their ex, I'd listen to them while they talked it out and offer words of encouragement when possible to help their spirit be lifted.
If a man wanted to date me romantically and I wasn't into him, I'd nicely decline but let him know I still want to be his friend.
My dream man would listen to me, not just talk to me. He would talk with me and not down to me.
If a man "forgot his wallet" or "didn't have money", I'd pay and not jump to the conclusion that he was a mooch, because if I couldn't afford to help pay my way and he had money, I'd want him to understand.
Males think I am sensitive and like it. They know I don't cry for no reason and don't use tears to get my way. They know they can confide in me and that while I am a girly girl, I can still hang out with the males.

I avoid anything to crass or commercial.
I enjoy the moments in life.
I prefer a chocolate milk shake to a rich, chocolate cake.
I have deep-rooted tastes.
Others emulate me cause they see me as inspirational.
I can spot talkers and walkers and tell the difference.

When I go out with someone, I want him to be a man that values the relationship.
I respect money and try not to waste it.
I am happy when "good luck" comes my way.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, I don't have a specific type. I just expect him to be nice, not mean.
According to others, I am nerdy, savvy, artistic, magnificent, excellent, sappy, fun to be around and intense.
I like to think about my money-spending before I spend my money. I never go in to spend without first weighing the facts.
I like to change purses to match my outfits, and once in a while will go through my purses to retrieve change and extra cash. I once found in dollar bills and coins over 200$ just from various purses.
If I really like an author and their books, I'll not bat an eye at the huge price if it's expensive. I'll just get it if I want it.
I have my own library of collected books.
I am very picky about what kinds of books to buy.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Apr 25, 2012