Introducing Me 53

I am nowhere near experienced or educated as most feel my age should be and I am fine with that.
I feel like life is my classroom and school is always in session as long as my heart is open to learning.
I feel like no matter how hard I try to learn or someone tries to teach me, I won't learn if my heart isn't ready to receive the lesson.
To me, a person should be able to learn til they die since wisdom comes from all walks of life, both young and old.
I am considered an Innocent.
I have been called the friendliest person in the world by former teachers, too loving by my dad, and too nice for the Internet by former Internet acquaintances.
I feel alive big time when I am engrossed in a project.
I obtained most of my knowledge from life, not from school books.
My mind is always busy thinking of others moreso thana myself. I feel intellectually stimulated when I can think, read, discuss life topics and "study".
I took another fun, quirky personality test and it states that the recipe to make my personality is: 3 parts allure, 2 parts tolerance, 1 part savvy, and a splash of fun. lol Very cute!
I am considered to be profound and some feel threatened by how profound it is.
I think before I do versus do before think.
I have been called thoughtful and considerate.
For me, life isn't just about fun. For me, life has a deeper meaning.
I don't react to life how most would expect reactions to be, but it is always good and funny, I am told.
I say and write things, but many people try to get beyond that to my inside feelings and can't, and some get concerned about that.

I feel blessed because I have true friends.
I feel blessed because I believe in me.
I feel blessed because I know that there are good things that come if we have patience and wait out the bad.
If the day is gloomy, I know it won't last.
If there are a lot of people around at a function, I mingle and try to spend time with everyone.
I am known for being a friend to others.
I am known to share not just the good and pretty in my life, but also the bad and ugly.
I am very social.
I believe in having friends to walk with me in life every step of the way.
My friends light up my life.
My friends are my business. If something bad happens to them, I don't sit back and not care. I am up there with them, with my care, support and help.
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Nice to meet you. :-)

lol likewise