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Culturally Fanned

Songs I like in other languages that are covers of or originals of English versions:

Kdo Da Vic by Ewa Farna - Czechoslovakian (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ewa Farna's music!)
Un Año Sin Lluvia by Selena Gomez - Spanish
Nie Zmieniajmy Nic by Ewa Farna and Kuba Molęda - Polish
Oto Ja by Ewa Farna and Kuba Molęda - Polish
Senza Catene by Il Divo - Italian
Por Ti Sere by Il Divo - Italian
Per La Vita by Finley - Italian
CÉs Ezt Érzem Így Van Jól by Brigitta Némethy and Ádám Dandohe Verrà - Hungarian
Eu Não Mudaria Nada em Você by Jullie e Joe Jonas - Portuguese
Nada Vou Mudar by Mia Rose & Joe Jonas - Portuguese
Nu As Schimba Nimic by Miruna Oprea and Noni - Romanian
Wouldn't Change A Thing by Sita and Dean (English does not sound like it is their first language but they do very good, in my opinion)
İstemem Değişmesin by Atiye Deniz - Turkish
Stejný cíl mám dál by Ewa Farna & Jan Bendig - Czechoslovakian
Sono Io by Ariel and Stefano Centomo - Italian
Sono Io by Minako and Yaten - Italian
Être moi by Sheryne - French
Lo Que Soy by Demi Lovato - Spanish
Khush Hu Main by Sunidhi Chauhan and Sangeet Haldipur - Indian (The background music is so BEAUTIFUL in this version! Why is this not more popular, oh my goodness!)
Siapa Aku by Suki - Malaysian
Dos Estrellas by Carla Medina - Spanish
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti 36-40, F Apr 27, 2012

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