Random Stuff

i like to be early or on time for an appointment, rather than late.
i cannot handle fast-paced jobs.
i feel like i have been backstabbed by a girl if she dates a guy who hurt me just cause she and i are fellow females.
if i get asked a question, i will answer to the best of my knowledge, experience or feelings; and if i do not know such answer, i will say that i don't know. i expect others to answer me if i ask them something. a spoken answer is better than no answer.
i am as fascinated by evolved ideas as i am about the details it takes for the ideas to work.
i am blunt when i write.
it is very easy to get me excited. not necessarily with monetary or materialistic means. but even much simpler. telling me hi. hugging me. smiling at me. i don't bounce off the walls. i just feel very happy and call it "high on life".
i trust personal feelings more than logical thinking.
i don't ask for anything in return if i help someone. i help wholeheartedly.
i am 34 years old with the voice of a child that is a girl and it causes strangers on my cell phone to ask me if "my mommy is home".
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
May 20, 2012