~ We Lost An Angel Last Night ~

I didn't get to write my story before Frankie passed from this earth. So I am writing a different kind of story now....
I didn't know him, but I know that we lost a special soul. I know that the world is a bit darker today because he is no longer in it.
There is a sadness inside now, not for Frankie because I KNOW he's in a much better place & is hopefully smiling down on all of us.
No, my sadness is for all of those he left behind. Jessie & her boys have to try & carry on without their loved one. I have no idea what they could be possibly be going through right now other than huge pain & unbearable loss.

So I would like to ask all of you to pray for Jessie now. Let her feel our strength & love over the air & through the wires. We are here for you Jessie. Frankie knows you love him, & we all know it too.

With all my love & All the blessings I can give,
    ~Wyn~ xxxooo

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1 Response Apr 21, 2009

Yes...I will......<br />
<br />
It is funny.....We see and hear of death each and every day...and we feel little....But here on EP....When I hear of one of passing...I feel a pang of sadness.....Not that I knew this lost one....But here it is a bit like family....and we all feel something when a family member passes......<br />
<br />
But the great thing here...Is that they may not be in the real world any longer...They will always be here in the EP world....For the words that each has written will always be here....The things that they thought.....the life that they lived...and was willing to share....The jokes....the tears.....Yes..Here in the EP world...You never pass.....You just go silent....and this is not a bad thing...For you are always able to get someone talking<br />
<br />
Good night Frankie...Where ever you are