My First Stupid Story On Here!

first...i do not want any stupid comments about my english cuz my english is not read and shut up please :)
one a day from 326572676 years there was an old man ..
this old man has a kid ...
befor the old man died he ask his son to make a mission after he died and give him a box..
the mission was to find some one who can say a full lieing story that there's nothing true on it!
and if the person failed to say it he take 2 $ from him and put it in the box..
so! he went to the first person and tell him that he want him to say a full myth story and if he say something true on it he won't win ...
the man start to say the story but he failed so he pay 2$ and then he go to another one and another and another and another and another and another and another and another...but they all failed!!!all failed to say 1 fcking story without anything true on it!
so he went to another city he meet the pirest and told him the problem..the pirest told him that there's a very very big lair in the city then he can ask him about it this lair name was "refaat" so..he went to this"refaat" and ask him to say a story that dosen't have anything true on it...
refaat starts the story and said:
one a day we had a veeeeeeeeeery biggggggggg peenis his size was near 12 CM!!
this peenis make an 1000000 egg from just 1 week every egg is 4 meter's tall!!!
the man asked :do peenis make egg's?
refaat answered: you said u want it full of lieing!!
the man said:ok..continue please!
refaat said:then this 1000000 egg luuk an 1 million duck...and one a day while i'm eating an appel i dropped the apricot seed on the first duck that i saw ....after some few days it makes a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hug palm on the duck's back!!
so...i said i must climp this palm then..i get   a catapult and climped the tree by it ,OOOOOooooOoOoOOoo my GoooOooOD i has found 10 k.m's upon the palm needs to be farm i said to my self i should fcking farm all of them so...i bought 1 million pasta grain and get 10 worker's to farm the pasta!
and i bought them a biggggggggggg water melon like thisssss () after we farm the 1 million pasta grain to get pasta tree's we found 2 rabits talking the first rabit say to the second rabit "hey my friend...water melon's will be very expensive and who farm water melons this year will get much money!!"
so...when i hear that i tell the men to get every pasta's grain from the land..they catch them 1 by 1 ...1 by 1 ...1 by 1...tell we count 99999 pasta's grain there was 1 grain left !we couldn't start to farm the water melons befor we get we still search and search for it till we found was dropped from the palm on the duck's head and killed it:( i was sad but i continue my work...i get the water melon to get its seeds  i open the water melon and put my hand on it to get the seeds....i didn't found any...then i put my head to see if there's any seed's..
but i didn't found too!!so i join my self with all my body in the melon and OoOooOOOOOooooOh my GooOOOoOD...i found 20 k.m land on the melon...i said i must farm it all!!!
when he reach this point the man said: enoughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh enoughhhhhhhhhhh!!!take the box and go to hell!!
sorry for my BAD english...
do not comment about my bad english...but u can comment and insult me for this boring story as u want :) 
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4 Responses Aug 13, 2010

i enjoyed it perito my love...its really nice, thanx for giving me the link...:D

thats a GREAT JOKE, thanx for think i will tell it to my friends too.....:D

you are the first person who told me that!thanks alot :DDDDD

Your english is not bad. Thanks for posting this.