Mistake's Slightly Sordid Story

A long long time ago (in the 1980's) I used to be a little boy.  When I was 7, an older child took advantage of me, sexually.  It happened a few times.  Over a few years...  It was very weird, but I was naive, and so I complied to the weird demands being made by someone I trusted.  ...  ...  What happened was wrong.  It was abuse.  It could've been worse, but it was still very very wrong.  It kind of messed me up a bit.

I grew up depressed, secretly very suicidal.   All my thinking was distorted by angst and self-loathing. 

My logic was flawed.  I tormented myself, disgusted with my very existence.

Today I am a different person than I was 10 years ago.  I am a person who still struggles, but who has a firm belief in the good that life has to offer, and a longing to make life better for himself and all others.

I am pretty cerebral guy.  I don't believe in evil, but I know for a fact that child abuse kills.  I will do anything I can to stop victimization of children.  I think child molesters should be executed, whether or not they are insane.  They are just too dangerous to have around.  Sexual offenders are dangerous people.  Child molesters are especially dangerous because they prey on and traumatize the young ones, who cannot defend themselves.

Finally, I'd like to say this:  I do not hate pedophiles.  A ********* is a person who is sexually attracted to children.  I do not believe anyone chooses their sexual orientation, therefore, I do not begrudge pedophiles for their **********.  UNLESS THEY MOLEST SOMEONE!!!  If a person (********* or not) molests a kid, he or she is a sick twisted evil child molester, and deserves death.                                                                                                                                   If you are thinking, "But Mistake, aren't all pedophiles sick?"  No.  You are mistaken.  They aren't all sick.  They are different, not evil.

  "But what about the documented correlation between their deviant paraphilia and their lack of self-control?"   Well, consider this:  All data on pedophiles as a group is based on scientific measures of convicted child molesters.  Why?  Because no one would admit to being a ********* for fear or being thought a child molester.  But you see, just because there is a correlation between people who molest and rape kids and the likelihood that they can't control themselves does not mean that there is a correlation between people who are attracted to children and the likelihood that they can't control themselves, because there really isn't any data on "pedophiles", just data on child molesters, rapists, and other sexual offenders.  Now I don't know what percent of pedophiles molest children, but neither does anyone else on the planet.  I brought that up because I once counseled a confused young man who mistook his  attraction for a clear reason to end his own life.  This guy had a strong knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, and he could never ignore his moral compass so much that he would dare doing anything to hurt a child.

  Please reconsider whether you actually abhor pedophiles, or whether you instead simply abhor child molesters.  I know it's hard to imagine pedophiles abstaining from sex for the sake of humanity, but I would wager that it's a lot common than society and the fear-mongering mass media suggests.  Although it is deviant and abnormal (in that it deviates from the norm), ********** is not aberrant or toxic -- sexual offenses are.

Mistake Mistake
26-30, M
Mar 8, 2010