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Isn't it amazing how quickly the titles in your life take over your world?? Mom, wife, employee, friend....... These titles seem to dictate our daily routines, our communicated "needs", our expectations and our experiences. And we wonder why the hell we're bored all of the time!! I've discovered recently no matter how hard I try I allow everyone else's expectations and needs come before mine so frequently that I can't even remember what I want to do ~ much less where to begin!! I know being a parent/spouse implies sacrifices to time and activities -but considering that being true to yourself makes you a thousand times better at both of these surrending your entire self to these titles doesn't do anyone any good!!!
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1 Response Dec 9, 2010

I agree that surrendering your entire being to other people doesn't do anyone any good. I lived in a marriage for 23 years where everyone's needs came before mine. I was miserable. Finally, after the kids were grown I had enough. Subsequently I got divorced.<br />
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I am in a second marriage now and my life is a lot different. I date my wife, just like when I was single.I work hard to take care of her, but at the same time I make sure that what I want is taken care of also. Doesn't mean that I do everything I want and nothing I don't want. Life is about negotiation, but what I want now appears on the negotiation table. Life is so much better now.<br />
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You are missing a great part of life if you don't do at least some of the things that make you happy. You have a right to be a person. If you do this you will be more happy as a mother and a wife. Your family will learn more respect for you and they will be more happy and secure, even if they don't see it at first:-)<br />
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Maybe a start could be to find something that stimulates you intellectually and pursue it.<br />
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Good Luck