A Prelude To A Kiss..............

A kiss can be a prelude to many things, and this kiss was just that...the attraction was immediate. We've worked together a couple of times stealing looks at each other. The sexual tension was thick that day. We both had it heavy on our minds. I get a text "basement". I hurry down to find you standing there. I moved in close and asked what you needed. You looked me dead in the eyes, grabbed my hair from underneith and I knew. This was it. Your mouth met mine. I was dizzy. Getting familiar with our tongues, you walked me backward up against the wall where we stayed, feeling each other out. I felt as if I lost my breath but at the same time, had life breathed into me.

I've never had a kiss do to me what that one did. That was special. That was all mine. And if I die without ever feeling that again, at least I have the memory. So, yes. This kiss was a prelude to many things, but that's another story for another day for another group.
Mellowme Mellowme
36-40, F
Sep 9, 2012