Oh Boy...

I met this man a while ago...
We had a few dates...

He is..hands down.. the best kisser.

That quote from Gone with the Wind...?

"You should be kissed. Often. And by one who knows how..."

(Or close to that)

He did that. Blew my mind.

I was just writing about him today. He's brilliant. Sexy.

He just now sent me a text...

slsr slsr
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Bet you can practically feel it!? I know one of my girlfriends stopped by in her car one night. She kissed with much more passion than my wife! LOL

A good kiss you can feel for days....right?

I can practically feel her kisses now, and that was probably over a year ago easy! lol

Lmao....quite the kisser! Sometimes those are the ones that help you get through....

Yes, I quite agree!!! :-*

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