You Set Me Free.

I was in a dim island, alone and lost. My soul was cast away. I heard words that say "come deep within, be filthy and unclean"...I  tested the waters, immersed with my bare feet, I heard my throbbing heartbeat, I would be tossed into a cynical pit..Alas, you suddenly grabbed my hand, gave me your torch..your words were clear and short "don't do it baby, am here to make you free"...I looked up and saw your face, you steered me to a magical trace..a path I should thread on, you gave me valid reason, with you I realized what's true, your eyes guided me through...your torch gave me light, you were the day in my lonely night,. you held my hand to pass from such wanderlust...I was no more a shadow that was overcast.

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Aug 12, 2010