haii all im new here i don't really know where to start off haha ....
im 16 years of age and Native American. i've had a intresting, crazy-not-so-great life but not the worse, ive also learned from many of my experiences. hmm im a Aires and a pretty sweet chick till usually someone provokes me from my good side, but im still not a ***** when that happens just getting even i suppose nothing overboard....still have a heart for like everyone no joke hate me love me whatever. I hope to one day join the Peace Corps and help people in different countries. I love purple, also animals im a sensitive person which sucks a whole lot. i have a great understanding.... hmmm i don't know any questions? feel free to ask me c:
JustGiveMeAChance JustGiveMeAChance
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012