Married Men?

Most people including my self must be wondering why that cute lady that any man would love to have as his own is comfortably engrossed in the arms of a married man

Why she risks being found out by the wife of the man she is dating? It's much more than you think so let's take time to reflect on what that married man has that a bachelor doesn't .

Some ladies confess that usually married men can't admit that they are married but she later finds out when she has already given too much to leave him. There is a lot that ladies find in married men than you can imagine. Most ladies confess that they date married because married men give them security. Does this mean that youthful guys can't provide that security?
The argument here is that although she knows he is married, she can count on him to be responsible and maintain her and his wife. When a woman is dating a married man, she does not have to worry about cheating after all the whole relationship is based on cheating. So she Usually a married man is mature and cares for her feelings more than the youthful men. For example when a married man takes her out he does those 'small' things that really count like opening the door for her to sit, pulling the chair for her and even calling her after the date to know if she is feeling fine. More to that, women confess that married men are sincere and gentle. So guys take heed, if you think by not giving your all or by not showing your weaknesses, you are being a man. Wake up, you are missing the point, he does it for fun.

Married men usually have that financial superiority which sometimes, youthful men don't have and even if he is doing well financially, he can't take care of all her needs .

Then why exploit the married man? She feels he is also exploiting her, so it is a situation of mutual exploitation. Asked if her boyfriend finds out? She says she plays her cards so well that even if she receives a call from the 'big daddy' when she is with her boyfriend she has to divert the conversation to become neutral so that her boyfriend can't suspect anything.

Married men treat them like little goddesses. For example a married man will buy her airtime without expecting a call from her but just to please her. She will use all the airtime without giving him a single call and once it is finished she will go back for more.

Married men and young ladies in relationships are out there to exploit one another. So is it ethical to do this? The debate remains open

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"...she can count on him to be responsible and maintain her and his wife. "<br />
Until she is either pregnant or wants to be the wife for a while.

I sure hope not!

Interesting. But is it true for all married men? Probably not.