Chief Dan George, Skokomish

My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love."

--Chief Dan George, SKOKOMISH

Oh my great Creator: Help me this day to love myself. I can't give away anything that I don't have myself. If I am to love others, then I must love myself. If I am to forgive others, then I am to forgive myself. If I am to accept others as they are, then I need to accept myself as I am. If I am to not judge others, then I need to lighten up on myself. Let me experience this power of love...

My Creator, today I will love myself so I can love my neighbor. I will look at each person today and see Your light within them. If I do this, I will hold my brothers and sisters without guilt.

[The first person you should always love is self. You cannot give to others what you yourself do not own within. Shai]
shai shai
Jul 17, 2010