Leon Shenandoah, Onondaga

These are our times and our responsibilities. Every human being has a sacred duty to protect the welfare of our Mother Earth, from whom all life comes. In order to do this, we must recognize the enemy - the one within us. We must begin with ourselves..."

--Leon Shenandoah, ONONDAGA

The outside is merely a reflection of our insides. My mind is designed to tell me that I'm not crazy for thinking what I am thinking. Even if I have angry thought, my mind is giving me excuses and reasons why it is OK to think what I'm thinking. I need to be knowledgeable about the laws of harmony and balance. I cannot twist the laws to serve me, but I can adjust my life to serve the laws. This is the law - I am here to serve the Earth. The Earth is not here for me to misuse and abuse.

Oh Great Spirit, allow me the insight and knowledge of how to live in harmony and balance with my surroundings. Grant me change from within.

[When one goes through the process of surrendering, aka self discovery, we learn the importance of making the mind and heart friends, oppose to enemies as they usually are. We are created to be obedient, respectful of life, and to love. shai]
shai shai
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

If we don't take care of the earth how do we eat? With everyone littering, it kills the earth more and more. I believe you are taking this out of context, only because you don't understand the language the Elder is writing in. I encourage you to get to know the ways of the Indians and I promise you, you will find they do not worship the earth, they protect it, and respect it,as they do the waterways. <br />
<br />
I caution you to quit judging others, by others opinions, as that will be the way GOD judges you.