Black Elk (hehaka Sapa), Oglala

"Sometimes dreams are wiser then waking."

-- Black Elk (Hehaka Sapa), OGLALA

The Great Spirit has many ways of communicating with the human being. He talks to us through the five senses; sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. For example, we can observe nature and see a lesson or get an answer. These five senses function primarily in the physical world. But we also have the ability to receive communication from the Unseen World. To do this we have a sixth sense. It comes in the form of dreams, imagination, intuition, inspiration, or a hunch. Along with the dream or intuitive thought there is a feeling, a knowing. We just know it's true without the need for proof. We need to pay attention to our dreams and intuition. Don't cast them off as being silly or useless. Be respectful to our dreams and feelings.

Creator, if you speak to me through dreams, let me know it in terms I can understand.

[This Elder separates receiving communication from the physical and the unseen world. I do not do this. To me it is all the same. What we can do in the physical sense we can also do in the unseen world [regarding our senses]. Other than that, I totally agree with Black Elk in that we should pay attention all creation, because GOD uses All of HIS creation to speak, teach, guide and discipline us.] I will also caution you to not accept everything that comes to you as coming from GOD, learn to discern where the message is coming from. Things are getting dangerous, and will continue to do so. Shai
shai shai
Dec 1, 2010