A Path To Peace, Enlightment, And Energy Work

Growing up, my step-father that raised me, was a very untraditional Christian. He was heavily influenced by things such as Autobiography of a Yoga. He taught me how to meditate at a young age. So, as young as 4, he was teaching me how to still my mind and listen. Prayer is talking to our maker, but meditation is listening to the answers.


When he took me to church, it was not your typical Christian Church. The name of the church was The Church of Spiritual light. Many of the services were meditation based. One of the things that they would do is have some of the people go to the stage and sit in chairs. Random things would be picked up from the rest of the people, things that they carried on themselves regularly such as keys and such.  They would put these items in a basket. Those that were sitting on the chairs on the stage would pick an item randomly from the basket. They would hold the items in their hands and clear their mind to let images associated with the item come into their minds. I too did this on stage there with this church. It was fascinating how accurate I would be.


After my parents divorced, my father moved away as per instructions from his doctor. He had issues with his lungs and the humid air in Corpus Christi, Texas where we lived made it difficult for him to breath. If you have read some of my life stories here, you know that my childhood became very chaotic. I believe that these early teachings from my father were one of the things that carried me through the chaos. Of course, my life took me off that spiritual path, but the teachings were still there.


Years later at the age of 25, I walked into a Pagan oriented store, the woman working there, I’ll call her L, would steer me back on that spiritual path. There was something different about L. As a matter of fact, although I had never met her or seen her before, I knew when she looked up at me and smiled from behind the register, that she would hold some significance in my life.


L radiates a light, when you come close to her, if you are in tune with such things, your skin tingles. The day I walked into that store was a very challenging time in my life. Maybe she sensed that, but honestly I never asked her. After walking around the store for a bit, I bought something meaningless, mostly just to be polite and to have an excuse to talk to her. After purchasing my item, she walked around to me and gave me a hug. When she did so, it seemed that all negative energy was released from my body. I felt at peace. The only emotion left was happiness and serenity. It was then that she invited me to her classes.


L, had the luxury of growing up with a Shaman grandfather as her teacher. These free classes that she taught were based on those teachings, but the students were selected by her. I was blessed to be welcomed as one of her students.


In these classes, I was brought back to those earlier childhood teachings. She taught me how to clear my mind again and to feel the energies around me. She taught me how to read those energies. I never got to the level that L is at of course. L is amazing. She can pick up a pebble on the ground, have you hold it in your hand for a bit and then hand it back to her. With that pebble she can do a reading.


It seems that every time I steer from my path for a while, a new teacher appears. L was just one of many. I can’t help but think that Nelladell requesting this story is a sign or gentle push to steer me back. Thank you Nelladell.


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I believe that if we carry our good energy in front of us, as something tangible, people will feel it when they walk through our circle. Just as you felt L's.<br />
Thank you for perpetuating L's, then your, good energy. It's the best thing we can all do for each other.

Very interesting read......Meditation in any of it's forms and teachings is a great way to come to understand self, others and the world around us...

very interesting church. sounds sort of like some experiences i had in one of the unity churches -- all about learning from personal experience. thanks for this.

i appreciate very much your sharing these experiences. not only because of my personal desire to hear it, but because of my belief that the truth of personal experience in the "paranormal" should be talked about more.