--Dr. A.c. Ross (ehanamani), Lakota "GOD Being Within You"

The symbol of wholeness, represented by the medicine wheel, is still being used in D/Lakota ceremonies today. The center where the "X" crosses is considered the home of Tunkasila, Wakan-Tanka, God. I speculated, `If this is the symbol of wholeness, the symbol of the psyche, with Wakan-Tanka at the center, then Wakan-Tanka or God would be within you.'" --Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA The Medicine Wheel represents everything. All the directions originate from the center outward. The center is the home of the Creator. The Medicine Wheel represents the human being. At our center is the home of the Great Spirit. This is why we are spiritual. The easiest way for us to find God and talk to Him, is for us to become centered. This means, relax our bodies, still our minds, let go of our emotions and listen quietly. Shhh. Be still.

My Creator, let me walk in the stillness today.

shai shai
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Christianity teaches its people to be afraid of GOD, instead of loving Him, and having an open heart to receive Him. <br />
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There is a scripture in John 6:45 which states that everyone is taught by the Father, and if they hear and learn from Him they are given to me. Jesus is speaking there. <br />
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GOD teaches us that we must have an open hear to hear Him speak to us. The heart is the seat of all knowledge. Which GOD teaches even in the bible. Jeremiah 31:33-34<br />
I will place my Law within them, I will write it on their hearts. This is why it is so important that we learn to "go within" because it is "within" that we learn about ourself, and about GOD.<br />
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Hope that helps.

Why were/are the Native Americans so much smarter than us? Why can't we live our lives like they did/do? It would be a much more peaceful place to live.