Sun Vision

Well , here we go . Have been a  meditator   for 25 years . Try amd meditate  a couple of times  a   day . Have been a lucid  dreamer for many years . Back ground info .Recenly a couple  of months ago I had a dream vision . In this dream I was in space  looking at the sun. This vision was beyond lucid dreaming and took on a shamanic aspect .THe sun became alive or I recognized it as such , the sun shot three rays of white light  through space that engulfed the earth  Quite beautiful . Then , i found myself on earth. Great Mountain ranges melted and flowed toward me . I experienced no fear !

A few days later I saw my friend , , she told me she had a dream she needed to tell me about .her dream ,( she not being a mediitor or particularly  interested in such things ) said that   in her dream she and i were in  a dessert and in the distance Mt ranges melted and flowed toward us in waves, she was very frightened but I laughed and said lets just ride the waves which we did !


ddocwatson ddocwatson
51-55, M
Dec 3, 2009