Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle Of Elders

Parents have to demonstrate the value of trust, respect, and honor."

--Haida Gwaii, Traditional Circle of Elders
  Children learn more by watching than by listening. If we want our children to understand and value trust, they know it by watching how adults live their lives! If we want the children to be respectful, they will observe what the adults do and say to each other. We need to walk our talk. We need to remember the children are watching.


Grandfather, help me learn these important values: Trust, Respect, and Honor



[Grandfather, You are aware that there are a lot of grown up children, who did not learn these values,  for whatever the reason.   Please bring someone in their life that they can see that there is Trust, Respect and Honor in this world. Thank you... ]    Shai

shai shai
Dec 18, 2009