-dr. A.c. Ross (ehanamani), Lakota

"Balance is implicit in the Red Road. When you're on the Red Road, you are in the center. Yet, you do not go to either extreme, and you allow both sides to exist. This is accomplished by continually postponing surrendering to temptation, whatever it may be. It is saying `later' instead of `no.'"

--Dr. A.C. Ross (Ehanamani), LAKOTA

The Sacred Path of life has a middle, a left side, and a right side. As human beings, we are designed to walk this middle path as much as we can. As we walk, we will stray to the left and to the right and come back to the middle. Straying to the left or right side is as sacred as being in the middle. Sometimes we call this straying our mistakes. We are designed by the Creator to walk the Sacred Path of life, and realize that our mistakes are the source of lessons. These lessons give us our wisdom. It is not wrong that we are tempted. What matters is what we do with the temptation.

Great Spirit, today, let me enjoy the Sacred Path of Life.


[we do not have a choice but to allow both sides to exist, both are a part of this life. However, when we walk close to Grandfather, the mistakes become fewer because we have learned the importance of remaining in the center at all times.  shai]

shai shai
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Love and Wisdom sweet sister

Awesome,,,you always know just what to say,,,God is so good to you,,,and I am so lucky to have you as my friend,,,Love and Light Mary