Nvld And Me.

I have NVLD. It is short for Non verbal learning difficulties...

It defines me and shapes me but it cannot mold me nor defeat me. I'm crazy and nutty, disorganised and zany. I struggle with life and I can't ride a bike. I'm lazy and I imagine scenarios way too much. I'm scared of loud noises yet love listening to loud music. I love animals and love singing. I hate being labelled but I am labelled.

NVLD is me and I am NVLD.

I don't want to change a thing. This is just an excerpt of me by the way!
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2 Responses Nov 21, 2012

I have it too- it's really affected the practical parts of my college education :/

This is my first time hear about NVLD. Thats unique for me!

Thanks - not too many ppl know about it PM if you want to know some more x