A New Harmony In Nature

Wisdom 18-22

18  A new attuning of the elements occurred, as on a harp the notes may change their rhythm, though all the while preserving the same tone; and this is just what happened:
19 land animals became aquatic,
swimming ones took to the land,
20 fire reinforced its strength in water, and water forgot the power of extinguishing it;
21 flames, on the other hand, did not char the flesh of delicate animals that ventured into them; nor did they melt the heavenly food resembling ice and as easily melted.

22 Yes, LORD, in every way you have made your people great and glorious;
you have never failed to help them at any time or place.

GOD we, thank you for your Creation and the brilliant way you
keep up with modern times.  Only you can create and recreate
without force or harm..

Scriptures taken from the New Jerusalem Bible

shai shai
Jul 12, 2009